Oasis Pool Products Wedding Cake Steps

Wedding Cake Steps

For a Beautiful Uninterrupted Liner Pattern... the Wedding Cake Step!

The Wedding Cake Step can be used in all vinyl liner pools – polymer, steel, wood, concrete and fiberglass. For uninterrupted beauty of your liner pattern, the Wedding Cake Step is a perfect choice.

A Great Step For Pools With Auto Covers

Consider adding a Wedding Cake Step to give fresh style to an older pool when it's time for a new liner. All Wedding Cake Steps are of a molded shell which allows consistent liner installation and uses a revolutionary clip system to secure the liner to the step for snug fit. You'll appreciate the raised tread pattern for a slip-resistant finish.

Available In Eight Beautiful Models:

  • 180º Straight
  • 6" Radius Corner
  • 90º Corner
  • 2' Radius Corner
  • 8'6" Radius
  • 9' Radius
  • 10' Radius
  • 11' Radius
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Download The Wedding Cake Step Brochure

  • Wedding Cake Step Components
  • Wedding Cake Step 180
  • Wedding Cake Step 180

Wedding Cakes Steps For In-Ground Swimming Pools

  • Wedding Cake Steps - Step 1
  • Wedding Cake Steps - Step 2
  • Wedding Cake Steps - Step 3
  • Wedding Cake Steps - Step 4
  • Wedding Cake Steps - Step 5

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