Performance Vinyl Liners

LavariTM Aboveground Liners

What’s in a name?  Everything!  Choosing a liner for your aboveground pool can be a difficult decision. We've made it easy for you by making a quality aboveground liner you can rely on to fit and last for years to come. Plus, the LavariTM aboveground liner pattern selection offers you a variety of designs to suit any backyard or poolscape.

LavariTM Vinyl Liners are made from the finest vinyl and specifically treated with a special fungicide to inhibit bacteria growth. These liners are made using the same manufacturing processes as our inground liners, so, you know they’re made right.  Virtually maintenance-free, LavariTM vinyl liners are easy to clean and smooth to the touch. No scuffed toes or snagged swimsuits!

  • All vinyl liner graphics are for illustration purposes only. It is recommended by the manufacturer to view an actual vinyl sample before ordering your liner
  • Liner color may vary from on screen representation
  • The manufacturer reserves the right to change liner selections without notice

  • Yard

    With a pool in your yard, water, sun, family and fun will able only a few steps away.

  • Dual Springs

    When you invest in an Oasis Pool, every day can be a vacation day.

  • Family

    A relaxing hideaway. A family gathering place.

  • Party

    A party playground.

  • Retreat

    It's Your Irresistible Retreat.

  • Paradise

    An inground pool is more than an investment. It's a lifestyle. A private paradise. A retreat all your own.

  • Oasis

    The world's a distant place from your private Oasis. Remote. Less urgent. More manageable.

  • Staycation

    Build your backyard pool paradise and you'll forever have the perfect staycation destination.

  • Yoga

    The gentle bobbing of the water…
    Lifts you along. Raising your spirits. Easing your mind. Soothing your soul.


All Integrity liners are available in the following beads

EZ Bead

j bead


E W Bead

E W Bead

Standard Bead

Standard Bead