Performance Pools Steel Steps

Steel Steps

Like our steel wall panels, steel stairs offer unparalleled strength and durability. Crafted from 14-gauge copper bearing steel, these stairs are coated with a heavy zinc galvanization.

The wide flange on the top and bottom of the panel assures a structure that is stable and strong. Altogether, the most solid, durable steel steps available.

Thermoplastic Stairs

There's no better example of our expertise than our line of inground pool steps. Co-extruded and vacuum-formed from a single sheet of ABS supported BASF Luran®S ASA thermoplastic, the step is both flexible and extremely strong. Luran®S ASA is a weatherable polymer, which means that the steps are 100% non-corrosive and will withstand the elements. Sitting atop our Total Encapsulated Support (TES) System, thermoplastic step installs quickly and precisely; and our thick, durable gasket system assures an exact fit and permanent bond every time. Consult your dealer for a complete step selection.

Acrylic/Fiberglass Stairs

Acrylic/fiberglass stairs have set the standard for inground pool stair systems. Inherently rigid and strong, acrylic and fiberglass stairs are vacuum-formed from a single piece of snow white acrylic and then hand laid with multiple layers of fiberglass for unsurpassed structural support; the strength is built into the stair itself.

A stair so solid that it is the strongest, highest-quality acrylic/fiberglass step you can buy. This acrylic structure is easy to clean and impervious to the elements. Consult your dealer for our complete Acrylic/Fiberglass step collection.

  • Yard

    With a pool in your yard, water, sun, family and fun will able only a few steps away.

  • Dual Springs

    When you invest in an Oasis Pool, every day can be a vacation day.

  • Family

    A relaxing hideaway. A family gathering place.

  • Party

    A party playground.

  • Retreat

    It's Your Irresistible Retreat.

  • Paradise

    An inground pool is more than an investment. It's a lifestyle. A private paradise. A retreat all your own.

  • Oasis

    The world's a distant place from your private Oasis. Remote. Less urgent. More manageable.

  • Staycation

    Build your backyard pool paradise and you'll forever have the perfect staycation destination.

  • Yoga

    The gentle bobbing of the water…
    Lifts you along. Raising your spirits. Easing your mind. Soothing your soul.

Sun Deck Steps

Vinyl Over Steel Sun Deck Steps

Corner Step

Thermoplastic 90º Corner Step

Cayman Blue

Cayman Blue 8' Step and Bench